How to cut video quickly & free

When you need to remove unnecessary video parts and ads fast and easily, go for free Freemake Video Converter. It will quickly delete any unwanted moments from your long movie or divide it into parts for a comfortable editing or playback. The freeware accepts over 500 film formats and saves your films with the original quality in most popular formats.
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1. Download and install Freemake cutter
2. Add media that you need to trim
3. Delete unnecessary clip parts
4. Set final file settings
5. Convert to save changes
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Download and install
Freemake cutter

Click here to download the movie cutting software. You can start the installation process right from your browser by double-clicking on Freemake installer.

The installation file detects the language of your system and by default provides the initial information in that language. You can change it when the installer asks you what language you prefer to use. Then choose a path for the software.

By default, it’s a Program Files folder on your C drive. Complete the process by clicking Next all the time.

Add media that you need to trim

The app will start immediately after the installation procedure is completed. Add the movies with unwanted parts using the +Video button. You can also simply drag-n-drop the files in the tool.

One more way is to click File – Video…and select the clips that you want to make shorter. You can add any movie extension: MP4, FLV, AVI, and others.

Open Freemake editor

As soon as you get the film in the program, click the scissors button next to it to open the built-in clip editor.

In the editor, pay attention to the bottom buttons. You’ll need three blue buttons with scissors. Use the left one to mark the beginning or a part you want to remove, then, click the right one to set the end of the portion. And finally, click the middle button to remove the undesired part. Delete more moments in the same way.

When you are satisfied with the result, click the “OK” button.

Set final file settings

Now check the bottom bar of the utility. You’ll see numerous output choices there. Select between a regular media container for a PC or a specific one like MP4 or 3GP for a portable device. Click the one you need. In a new window, choose your device or a necessary film quality that suits your needs best of all (Ultra HD, HD, medium, etc).

Convert to crop the film

Having finished with the settings, choose a folder for your new clip. It can be a hard drive or an external drive or an online cloud service. Then click the Convert button to remove the parts of a film.

Please note that you can not go without the conversion otherwise your settings won’t be applied.